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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 28, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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we will be back tomorrow robert: "good day new york." monday. this sunday to a. good morning. i am ben simmoneau. airstrikes against ices are failing to weekend the terror group. >> at least a person is dead and a four alarm fire in brooklyn. we have the very latest. >> being installed. >> peyton manning is fighting back against a claim that he used performance-enhancing
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we will tell you about that. >> it is monday morning. we have a lot coming up on the show for you. we have an interesting workout. kerry: we are going to learn how to box. welcome back, by the way. ben: you were away at the in-laws. the weather, utterly miserable. [laughter] it rains every day. 75 degrees. my in-laws, they have the community pool. >> good for her. i thought that there was
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[laughter] mike: it felt like it wanted to snow out there. good to see you. merry christmas everyone. we had towards the new unit. just a few days away. we have a little winter weather coming this way. only a little bit. it looks like it will start happening here soon enough. 8:00 o'clock this evening until tomorrow morning. generally, up around until 11:00 a.m.
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little bit longer. right now we have 48 and and it is dry at central park. you can see the cloud cover that we have. you can see the general movement of the air. it was a fact backdoor cold front that came through yesterday. this is the main thing that will be coming through. it will ping us kind of a wintry mix. it is still drive at 8:00 o'clock. the wintry mix starts coming into town. most of us get rainfall. the lower hudson valley into the interior sections of kinetic it
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little bit as we head into wednesday. we are looking at sleet and freezing rain. high temperatures today is about 41 degrees. a little more rain tries to swing by on thursday. let's bring in christina stoffo. she is in for ines. >> good morning. it has been relatively quiet. traveling on the bqe westbound. one lane is blocked. we do have a crash that taking out at least one lane of traffic. in that area, not looking too
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the next would be that gwb. no delay at all. things are moving well. traveling on the 495. quickly, you want to keep in mind that ally are as delays. residual volume left over from this whole thing going on. back to you. ben: thank you very much, christina. us-led airstrikes have failed to
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kerry: fox5 teresa priolo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we know that security is always at the max in times square. preparing for the celebration. a million people expected to converge on times square. then wipe you do -- the nypd is doing their part. isis is stronger than it was 16 months ago. >> sobering words from peter king. the united states is
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be a fight we are winning. >> it has had minimal impact on misys. twenty-four minute video that surfaced saturday, two us-led alliance does not scare the two risk group. the caliphate is serious and iraq is alive and well. >> we have had some impact. it is not clear when the video was made. no reference to the paris attacks. the san bernardino massacre nor the downing of that chat.
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grown stronger to attack u.s. soil. >> a busy times square this monday morning. and credible threats facing the city. kerry and then, we will get a full update and briefing from and why pd. that is the latest from times square. i will send things back to both of you. kerry: one person is dead and several unaccounted for after an early morning fire in brooklyn. ben: brought under control just before 5:00 a.m. called by a four alarm fire. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. >> a weeklong outbreak may not be overt in the midwest and south today.
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violent storms. ben: a massive fire tore through the dallas area. that does not happen. went up to 200 miles per hour. >> we are working diligently and very hard to figure out this damage that was done from a storm. >> there has been intense snow in new mexico. mudslides across parts of the south, extreme weather so far. killing 43 people. 55-year-old betty jones was shot inside their apartment building
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on saturday. carrying a bat and became agitated. her son suffers from mental illness. she wants to know why police need to shoot first and ask question later's. >> the police are called to serve and protect us. it is a badge to kill. when does a miracle step up? >> ordering changes. the officers involved and not shooting will now be put on 30 day administrative news. ben: the allegations against manning surfaced over the weekend.
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kind of a bizarre topic. >> this was an in depth report. about one hour long. page in the immediately called the report verbiage. top british hurdler. several baseball and football players are named in the report. manning is never captured on video accepting or taking any. he says he has been wrongfully accused. >> this is completely fabricated complete trash, our bridge. there are more adjectives that i would like to use. >> reporter: reacting with rage on espn. the documentary is called the dark side.
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was treated at an antiaging clinic in 2011 after were covered from a neck injury that threatened his career. the report claiming that the clinic sent drugs to his wife ashley is simply untrue. >> have you ever used hgh or any performance-enhancing drugs? >> absolutely not. >> all the time we are actually spent manning the drugs. >> a spokesman for manning and the founder of the clinic.
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a video posted online, he recanted his story of providing hgh to manning's wife. >> there is no truth to any statement of mine. under no circumstances should any of those be used. >> reporter: he is considering a lawsuit. former giants and jets punter steve weatherford. also joined by kerry meyers.
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his reputation -- whether or not it is true. a public figure. it has to know that what they were republishing. they have to know if it were true. of course you are going to deny it. it is a pretty forceful denial. the broncos have come out with statements saying we support them. ben: we have to see what happens. the legendary crowned prince of the globetrotters.
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more than 16000 games. he retired in 1978. 2003, he was inducted into a hall of fame. >> it happened yesterday morning. police say the driver of the chevy malibu loss control as it was merging onto the road. the driver was taken to the hospital. his mother who was in the passenger was killed. the bus was traveling from washington to new york. ben: hoverboards were a popular gift under the christmas tree. days after christmas, not been
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and falling off. hoverboards sale has 1000 posts on instagram. ben: we should pull the video where we were doing the segment july 4 week. you are also wearing high heels. we do not need another injury. we are still healing. ben: did you get one of those expensive name brand ones? >> my sister sent me the link.
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mike: it is the razor one. let them go. anyhow. hopefully everybody enjoyed their holiday. it looks like a decent one as we kick into it here. twenty-nine is the average low. we have a 40-degree reading out at central park. here's the big deal. we do have a winter weather advisory. minor snow and ice accumulation. right now, 40 central park. the colder air is sneaking in from canada. that part of what is coming
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they all have to work their way through. they will be here later on this evening into tonight. the showers click in tomorrow morning. probably between three and 5:00 a.m. that means you could see snow and ice. especially on the roadway. midday or so on tuesday. wednesday at looks like it will be fine. the precipitation will be gone.
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some icy conditions. tonight, as we go through the next seven days, ohio 41 today. a little bit of rain. morning showers possible on wednesday. it is not ridiculously cold. happy third day. a president yesterday, two. another jets fan. >> that is right. we are definitely seeing some things around town. we still have a crash in the process of being cleared away. the staten island expressway. think simple direction pretty
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let's go to the next shop. it will be on the l.i.e. eastbound. we have a tow truck on the scene. the lat in the eastbound direction. you want to keep that alive. 25% to laze. there is a damaged. we will continue up to date on that. ben: still ahead on "good day new york" this morning. kerry: still time to become a
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ben: jim smith optic skyfoxhd. they just kind of tossed away the last digit of the year. >> on the opposite end. they do have the 2016. we have not seen them distorted on the roof of the building. be careful with it. >> it will be packed later on
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ben: p patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of ramerica in philadelphia. t learn more at p slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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kerry: welcome back. that chipotle embossed in that many people sick has now reopened. ben: testing negative for nora will fire us. dozens of students from boston college reported getting sick after they ate there. fifty-two people across nine states. a lot of them out west.
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outbreak. kerry: the wake for sergeant will be held tomorrow in his hometown. on wednesday, his funeral will be held at st. patrick's cathedral. full military honors. thursday and friday at the funeral home. >> how about ringing in the new year with a couple of extra thousand dollars. kerry: you can do it. that means wednesday's drawing has grown to $300 million. the chances of winning is just one in 292 million. if you live to the age of 80,
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ben: much lower than you think. my father at an law said getting bit by a shark is one in 11 million. >> you have to be in it to win it. ben: greg is not here to mess it up. kerry: that is true. the price of new year's eve in times square.
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look, i know you're
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a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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kerry: a live look at the snowflakes. a really good shoe sale at the
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moment, i am hearing. ben: the united nations children's foundation. kerry: we have not seen a drop of snow. >> we have wagered that we would be free from the snow. >> pretty convinced that we would at least get something. mike: it was kind of freakishly warm last week. ben: i read that some of december will be a warm month. >> it looks like it.
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around parts of the tri-state. this morning is definitely noticeably cooler. thirty-seven and sussex. sort of setting the stage. colder air is dropping in from canada. this is the area of low pressure. it is the same system that kate .the severe weather. it has a lot more cold air to deal with. right around three-5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning the first of the showers will be kicking in. northern new jersey. up the hudson valley.
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as it comes through, it starts to transition to more rainfall. there will be some slushy spots out there. it comes out of here later tuesday into wednesday. sleet and freezing rain. it is rain for just about everyone else. precursor. forty-one is your high later on. tomorrow is when the wintry mix comes through. a high temperature of safety in the city. drive for you on wednesday. thursday, maybe a few quick showers in the morning. let's bring in christina stoffo right now.
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quiet this morning. this is been out there for a little while. we have emergency act committee on the scene. let's go outside and i will bring you to the belt parkway. very quiet in both directions. the next live shot will be that i like you. the flashing lights are gone. the accident is gone. that should be gone soon. you know, we are seeing a pretty decent ride on the van wyck. running along with 25 minute
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causing some damage. you can expect delays and cancellations. alternate side is in effect today. ben: thank you very much. the search is on for a robber that is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an h&m store. locked. 150 pounds. great cap and coat. recovery. sitting in the backseat of a family car saturday night when a gunshot shattered a car window. the father and sister were also
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they were not hurt. ben: new sparkling crystal triangles are being installed. forty-second and broadway. estimated 1 million people are expected in times square to watch the ball drop on new year's eve. kerry: the festivities will cost you. >> reporter: there is no question times square is the place to be on new year's eve. there's nothing like being there in person. get ready to shell out the cash.
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the price at ruby tuesday started $349 per person. going up to $699 for a couple for a vip table. pondering the new year's eve menu. >> does that come with diamonds? [laughter] pour forth that is not the only one. that all of garden has reportedly sold out its tickets. a dj, open bar and buffet. none of the famous red sticks. >> i think that is crazy. >> reporter: at the beginning of the new.
7:36 am
per person tickets. >> seriously. >> it is all about proximity to the famous wall. >> it is absolutely free. this is a major event. here you come for free. >> that may be that this deal will fall. lisa evers. fox news. >> you have to have red sticks and salad. >> we will be right back on a
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kerry: stay with us. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. >> you have work to do. that is the waterford cristobal.
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year's eve in times square. >> 2016 affair as well. >> a million people expected in times square. i cannot remember new year's eve in recent history. ben: i think that they are pretty strict about that. mike woods is here. i do not think it looks like it is going to rain on thursday night. >> that is true. i believe you are right. it does look pretty good for us then. that is when things get a little bit ugly for us here. that's 8:00 o'clock this evening through tuesday morning.
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it looks like it could get a little nasty for parts of the tri-state. a lot cooler this morning that what we have 24 hours ago. we already have some clouds here. it will be here by tomorrow morning. it will be cloudy. rain / snow pics and probably between 3:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. tomorrow. still some minor coup relation is expected. snow and ice. i think most of the road services should be in pretty good shape. more showers tomorrow. it changes over to all rain.
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thursday morning. fox5 has daily and hourly forecast available. let's check out what is happening. >> it has not been bad this morning. things have not been so terrible. we do have this one lingering issue. expect to see minor delays as you are traveling by that spot. very quiet. the fdr seems to be running along up to speed. the gwb span. the holland tunnel is also looking good.
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alternate side of the street parking rules are effect. kerry: christina, thank you. ben: things did not go so well for the giants. >> crushed by the vikings. this is not pretty last night. only got worse from there. vikings go on to win 29-17. yesterday, the jets with a great win over the patriots. i actually thought they were out playing. tying it up near the end.
7:43 am
much. >> the patriots win the coin toss. the jets make them pay. they go right down the field. jets win 26-20. a report out over the weekend stating patient manning and other high-profile athletes purchased performance enhancing drugs. manny was recovering from a neck injury. hgh from a person out in indiana. a man is the source of the information. here is where it gets even crazier. identify the pharmacist at the time.
7:44 am
he also recanted his story saying he made the whole thing up. the new york daily news. also the author of him versus manning. the untold rivalries. a great book. i read it this fall. you wrote the book with he and tom brady. what did you make of it? >> we are in an era now where we really believe anything is possible. watching him on tv yesterday to deny all of this. he came off to me is very believable. >> let's take a look at the
7:45 am
>> it is completely fabricated. completely trash garbage. it really makes me sick. >> have you ever used hgh or any performance-enhancing drugs? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> i think it is believable. i think you can look at it from two different sides. he was in the timeline his life where he was seeking to have a child. he was going to the fertility clinic. peyton manning will not walk in during normal business hours. he could not do that with all the paparazzi. i know the manning family very well.
7:46 am
i just do not see it happen. >> which office do i go to get my reputation back. here is a guy that does every commercial. he is a sure fire hall of fame are. where does this go from here? >> doling out without really strong denial. people can really believe what they want to believe. i do think that he has some work to do. to convince people that he is completely innocent of this. again, because of the history now, later finding out that it was true, there will be people that say of course he will deny it. knowing the manning family. i do have a hard time believing that he would do this. he was trying to come back from
7:47 am
his fourth neck surgery. he did talk about stuff. some other things that they had described for him to do. ben: we were both that game yesterday. playing against the patriots this year. the coin toss yesterday has everyone talking. what is your take? >> if you look at the track record, everything he has done, right you cannot really second-guess him. you look at how the game is being played. his offenses incredibly beat up.
7:48 am
the fall. tom brady's hand. especially because you had just gone down the field. the best drive of the game. >> two versus 11. still, let it be tom brady. they win the game. why you would want to get the ball to the jets. what is going on here? obviously, it has been a tough year.
7:49 am
the tom coughlin watch. in order for you to move onto a new head coach, you have to know that you are making him of graded decision. he is seven years old. he is over the hill. he does not have the tools to be able to make it happen. the games were two minutes shorter this season. >> this is it for coughlin. >> i find it hard to believe considering what has happened. >> sometimes change is good. >> the wire -- rivalry.
7:50 am
steve weatherford. appreciate the time. >> thank you very much. still to come. kerry: star wars.
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savings program.
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ben: anna is off this morning. i will see it soon. the fastest movie to reach $1 billion. the previous record of 13 days. keeping the number one spot. second with 39 million. alvin and the chipmunks round out the top five. shattering the top record. kerry: sick of that song it or still like it? ben: i still like it. the first album to sell more than 1 million copies.
7:54 am
that is a record. the next week and other million. >> and a lot of copies. steve harvey is trying to turn lemons into lemonade. this is after watching the miss universe pageant. >> mary easter. followed by three christmas tree and mode jews. he said that ms. columbia was the winner of the miss universe pageant. he was supposed to announce the first runner-up -- ms. columbia, not the winner. i can only imagine. >> it is really hard. time now is our facebook fan of
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the hour. ben: if you would like to be our facebook fan of the hour, just
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be right >> from fox 5 news. this is "good day new york". >> good day, new york. monday morning, december 28th already. i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm kerry drew. thanks so much for being with us. starting to feel a more like winter. more rain could be on the way. mike woods has the full forecast coming up. >> talk about hoverboard fail,
7:57 am
heck of a lot of injuries all over the country during the christmas holiday. >> in politics the race for president, the donald trump is warning hillary clinton about her husband the former president. what she is saying about bill clinton this morning. >> denver broncos quarterback peyton manning speaking out about a report claiming that he used performance-enhancing drugs. >> are you feeling lucky? >> we are. >> no one matched all the numbers in saturday's powerball jackpot. so wednesday's drawing has grown to $300 million. >> you know what would be awesome if we win this? because greg is not here. that we're going to actually win that. can you imagine their reaction? >> that would be great. one time we do it. >> i think we would share with rosanna. i don't know about -- >> a group of employees got together. >> i'm good.
7:58 am
i'm good. >> i think they one employee in. >> this was the right thing to do given the situation. >> would we do the right thing? >> wow. that is not a good sign for you, greg, sorry. >> you could spare a couple million. maybe, maybe not. >> i will buy you dinner. >> real nice dinner. >> dinner out at times square for the ball drop. >> $350. >> is a lot of money. sound like a good deal to me. >> no breadsticks at olive garden. >> that makes no sense. >> why? >> we'll look into that actually. >> many ways we're wrapping it up. 2015 coming to a close. so far no snow out there. a little something coming to us. do we get it here in the city? tell you what to see a wet snowflake would not be out of that. really as you head to the north you have a better chance of getting minor accumulation, but
7:59 am
accumulation nonetheless. you have winter advisory for purple shaded areas, till 11:00 tomorrow morning depending where you are. in some places it expires a hair earlier. tempwise 38 in town. 37 degrees in bridge for the. it's a lot cooler because cooler air is dropping down from canada. partly cloudy for the most part at this point in time. here is cooler weather out the southern plain states heading up this way. that will bring along the mess with it and showers in both storms, a few forms really. futurecast rolls forward. cloudy skies at 8:00. still no rain or snow in the area. wouldn'ttry mix comes to us by early tomorrow morning say 3:00 to 5:00 it will roll into town. make for messy commute. wet or a little bit slushy as you head up into the northern sections of new jersey, lower hudson valley. starts off at wintry mix,
8:00 am
changes over to rainfall as day goes on. slushy spots on roadways and taha muhyl al din maruf tops and surfaces. today the clouds increase but precip stays out of here. 41 is the high later on this afternoon. 50 is the high tomorrow. 51 on wednesday. thursday, quick little morning shower for the last day of 2015. it is drying out later on that night. should be decent for the ball drop. let's bring in christina stoffo. tell you what, look at some of this mess it looks like a holiday. oh, yeah, it is. >> everyone on vacation. not looking so bad for us out there. we had issue on 237. it is cleared away. it is gone and everything. we have one minor issue on the oyster bay for hempstead turnpike.
8:01 am
it's a stalled truck. not causing too much after problem as far as volume is concerned. we have emergency activity on the scene trying to get that cleaned up as soon as possible. to outside to the belt parkway. this is the live shot in the area of ocean parkway looking good. lincoln tunnel will be our next live shot which is looking great as you make your way around the helix to go inbound as you see. no delay. george, holland looking good. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you. >> hover boards, did you get one. >> i did not. >> they are a hot hot christmas gifts and a lot of people are hurts themselves. >> juliet huddy with look at growing number of accidents. >> reporter: they're calling it the gift that keeps on giving. cool people scan internet for falling people off the
8:02 am
us, me included i saw you laughing. great hoverboard dad epidemic of 2015 is viral smash. you probably seen all these on instagram and twitter and facebook. shots of fathers slipping and crashing to the ground. looks like something out after cartoon or horror story. people have a lot of hilarious captions. dads failing at hover boards. one haley posted her dad that his dad sprained her arm riding her whoever board. sealed it off with pop in a sling. dads are the butt of all the jokes. we have florida congressman, carlos cabella posted himself of standing along the lake, shot with him his arm in a sling. confirmed.
8:03 am
you saw some of these guys with their heads slamming on pavement. be careful also. they're blamed for property damage. you heard about that catching on fire. go ahead wife them for christmas for your kids. be careful and keep posting. >> not seeing anybody riding them with helmets or wrist guards or anything. you can fall. you see dads falling. >> headline that the kids are finding so much amusement in their parents being injured. >> seriously. >> it's a game for the young, let's be honest. they're not easy to ride. >> you're really up there, ben. >> did you see whether when i rode one over the summer. moving as fast as some of those dads. >> you are a dad. >> i am a dad. >> anyway, whatever. >> show that next hour. >> we'll be back with some more. >> did a good job. i didn't fall. >> no hashtag whoever board failure for you. this morning a major battle underway defense isis.
8:04 am
iraqi troops are fighting islamic state militants in the city of ramadi. troops recaptured the government complex. isis troops have occupied the city since may. >> congressman peter king says more monitoring of muslim communities to look out for future attacks on american soil. fox 5 is live in times square. this will be the epicenter of security in the new york area coming up with the big day coming up. >> good morning ben and kerry. a million people are expected to converge on time squares. that the comes with increased security presence by nypd. the preparations are underway for the big ball drop. they are working to make sure this area is completely secure, that you are safe. there are still concerns this morning that isis' support may in fact be intensifying.
8:05 am
>> isis is as strong. isis is stronger than i believe it was 16 months ago. >> reporter: sobering words from long island congressman peter king who believes despite proclamations by president barack obama united states is strategically eliminating isis king believes so far this does not appear to be a fight we are winning. >> after 15 months, 16 months of air attraction by the u.s. it has had minimal impact on isis considering how long the attacks have been going on. >> reporter: comments come 24 hours after the purported leader of the islamic state abu back car al-baghdadi said for his fighters to be patience that. the alliance does not scare the group or scatter its resolve. he says the caliphate is alive and well despite ongoing airstrikes from the west and russia. king believes that isn't far from the truth. >> we have some impact but
8:06 am
unfortunatery overall he is probably right. >> reporter: not clear when the al-baghdadi video was made. he makes no reference to the paris attacks, the san bernardino massacre or the downing of that russian jet all events that isis might want to celebrate. but acknowledgement of airstrikes is what worries intelligence officials who fear their desire has only grown stronger to attack on u.s. soil. another live look this morning at the preparations underway here in times square for the new year's eve celebrations later on this week. we should mention according to nypd there is no specific or credible threat facing times square and new york city as we move closer to the new year's eve holiday however, kerry, and ben, we'll expectal expect to learn more from nypd officials when they give us their new year's briefing. live from times square.
8:07 am
>> thank you, teresa. >> police say a victim came here to sun set cliffs on christmas night to watch the sunset when he became distracted and apparently walked right off the edge of the cliff, falling 60 feet to his death. witnesses reported seeing the man looking down at an electronic device in his hand when he fell. several good samaritans tried to help. it was too late. the victim is identified as a man in his 30s. >> in other news with just five weeks to go before the i've waa caucuses democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is about to deploy her not so secret weapon, bill clinton. >> that is coming with a warning from gop leader donald trump. hillary. >> reporter: we know bill clinton can fire up a crowd. that is what hillary clinton is counting on. bernie sanders is leading right now in recent new hampshire polls. there are signs clinton's lead in iowa may be narrowing.
8:08 am
new hampshire, loses the first two, it would be complete chaos. the donors would get upset. the sanders support would skyrocket. certainly financial part and media would have a feeding frenzy. >> reporter: but the former hurt. hillary clinton is leaning strongly on gender issues. so her husband's history of infidelity is fair game says republican frontrunner donald trump who hillary clinton says has a penchant for sexism. >> playing woman's guard. give me a break. bill clinton will not be the end all in the campaign. he will come under attack. not just from me but coming under attack from many other people. >> reporter: from clinton's left ben bernanke is maching a play for donald trump's supporters many of whom are less than happy with both party. >> look, many of trump's supporters are working class people. they are angry. and they are angry because they're working longer hours, for lower wages. they're angry because their jobs
8:09 am
left this country and gone to china and other low-wage countries. >> reporter: there is no doubt truth to the argument and both sanders supporters and trump supporters have one thing in common. neil: both are disenchanted with the state of politics right now. in washington. doug luzader, foregood stay new york. >> -- "good day new york." >>ed obama waking up in for their annual two week vacation. >> they were indulging in a treat. hawaiian shaved ice. the store name ad shaved ice concoction for the president. it is a snow bamam it has pashtun gave have flavored syrup. we're told the president passed on the snow bama. he had one with cola cherry and lime. >> why would they create one that he doesn't order? >> unclear. that is a good question.
8:10 am
>> may never know the answer to that. >> could have indulged in shaved ice last week. it was warm enough. >> people eating ice cream on christmas eve in bryant park, mike. it was crazy. >> i know. saw temperatures getting into the 70s as we approach christmas. definitely not normal. we have back to normal weather trying to make a comeback. 40 is the average high. 29 is the average loy. we dropped to 39 at one point this morning. we're at 39 once again here. but yeah, the record high for today is 65 degrees. not going to that be warm. 8 degrees is the record low. we'll not be that cool either. we have cooler weather outside. this is warmer than normal. 39 out at central park with a partly cloudy sky. we have winter weather advisory going into effect from 8:00 this evening through tomorrow morning for the purple-shaded county. that does not include the five
8:11 am
boroughs or the northern new jersey. but up the hudson valley and interior areas of connecticut. you will see minor snow and ice accumulation but not until tomorrow morning. 41 in montauk. it is a lot cooler than it was 24 hours ago. central park 16 degrees cooler. 10 degrees cooler in poughkeepsie. the air is coming down from canada as back door cold front slipped through yesterday. there is the area of low pressure which is making quick progress in this general direction. that will bring us more cloud cover by 8:00 this evening. it is cloudy. with you but we don't have rain or snow or wintry mix empty area. it comes in at 3:00 in the morning. mainly northern sections of new jersey and lower hudson valley and connecticut get the wintry mix. it is rain for everyone else. the five boroughs and long eye and and most of new jersey.
8:12 am
that rain-snow mix pulse to the north as time goes on because it is pulling in more warm air. snow and ice accumulation should be on the minor side of this but there will be minor accumulation in the purple-shaded areas. watch out for a coating of slush and ice. makes for a slippery tuesday morning commute and mainly rain and coal one for most of the coastal locations and metro area. high temps up to 41. rain-snow thing comes through tomorrow with a high of 50, breezy. dry on wednesday. maybe quick shower early thursday and doesn't look like a big deal. new year's looking pretty good. daily and hourly forecast available on fox5ny weather app and google and itunes play store. check it out. let's bring in christina stoffo to see anything hanging us up on the road or rails. >> it is holiday vacation, roads are not looking so terrible for us.
8:13 am
on the expressway from the hempstead turnpike. it's a stalled truck. on the side. not really causing too much trouble. keep in mind that it is there and we do have emergency activity tending to that. now let's go outside and bring you to the area of atlantic avenue where things in both directions looking very good for you and lincoln tunnel will be the next live shot showing delay-free ride. around the helix coming into the toll plaza inbound at lincoln things are moving well. not bad across the george washington bridge. upper level looking good into the toll plaza. no delay. holland plaza are looking like a good ride. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. ben, kerry back to you. >> what to wear when the ball drops with fashion not to break the bank. >> i think i will be wearing pajamas. >> stylish pajamas. special new year's eve pajamas.
8:14 am
>> there is live look at 2016. they are ready to go couple days from now. we'll be right dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and you've always wanted during the winter event.
8:15 am
>> welcome back. the one person is dead and several unaccounted for after early morning fire in brooklyn.a% >> the fire broke out at 1:30 morning on a row home on richardson street. it was brought under control around 5:00 a.m. those unaccounted for live on the top floors. heavy smoke made it tough for the firefighters to get to them. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. no word what may have started fire. >> severe outbreak of weather may not be over yet. forecasters are expecting more violent storms. >> on saturday night a massive ef-4 tornado across the dallas area. winds of 200 miles per hour. that is incredibly rare in decent. at least 11 people were killed. officials searching last night through debris for anybody that could be trapped. >> we're working diligently and
8:16 am
very hard to find out the total, assess the total damage done from the storm. we're also looking to see if there are people trapped, victims and possibly other >> since wednesday there has been dense snow in new mexico. there has been heavy rain which flooded parts of alabama, georgia, north carolina. there have been mudslides in weather. it killed so far at least 43 people across the country. >> back to chicago where the grief-stricken mother after 19-year-old killed by police is speaking out. >> qintnio greer and he was carrying a bat and became agitated they say jones' death was accident. janet cooks sy, the mother of la greer, said her son suffered from mental illness. she wants to know why police seemed to shoot first and ask questions later. >> call for help. the police are supposed to serve and protect us. yet they take the lives.
8:17 am
what's wrong with that picture? it's a badge to kill? i mean where do we get our help? when is the mayor going to step up? >> last night chicago mayor rahm emanuel who is certainly under fire ordered changes in how police are trained. the officers involved in the shooting will be put on 30-day administrative duties. >> chipolte in boston where 136 people got sick has now officially reopened. >> it is in cleveland circle in boston. it reopened over the holiday weekend after the employees tested negative for norovirus. the restaurant had to be shut down earlier this month because dozen of students from boston college reported getting sick after eating there. the chain is doing serious damage control since chipolte was cling linked to e.coli that sickened 52 people out with west. the incident in boston was unrelated to the national e.coli outbreak. 8:22. fox means business.
8:18 am
business studio is adam shapiro. >> good morning, kerry, good morning ben. >> what are we talking about cramming? some things cell phone companies admitted doing they will pay us back. >> reporter: last year at&t and t-mobile offered refunds this year. this year it is sprint and verizon. you have until december 31st if you're verizon or sprint customer to apply for refund agreed as settlement for the federal trade commission. it is $158 million. 120 million will go to customers. not everybody will be eligible for that. if you're verizon customer, sprint customer, 2010 forward why don't you go online, search verizon sms refund or sprint sms refund. it will walk you through the procedures. you can see it right there, the procedures to fill out the online application. not everybody is going to get it. what they were doing charging you for premium text service when you didn't ask for it around didn't know you were being charged for it.
8:19 am
i will throw it back to you. my hearing device crapped out. i can't hear what you say to me. markets not looking so great. we'll talk about that tomorrow. >> adam, thank you so much. >> if you're not sure where to find fox business network in your area, go to finder. still to come on "good day new york"? >> grammy and tony award-winning singer medical ba moore is here. she will perform a smash upcoming at 9:00. can't wait to hear that.
8:20 am
>> live look at the plaza hotel on this monday morning. >> they have a great santa at the plaza. >> do they? is that where you brought the kids? >> that is where we took the kids. >> you avoided lines at macy's.
8:21 am
>> there is hardly a line there. >> that is good to know for parents next year. >> i don't want to ruin the secret. it is pretty nice actually. we went, a week before. >> very nice. they also have very good food hall there. >> which was closed for a private event. we couldn't have lunch there. >> my sister works near there. sometimes we have lunch there. >> good morning, everybody. a bit chilly out there. 39 degrees in the park. i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm kerry drew. thanks for being with us this monday morning. mike woods is back from california. how was it? >> it was wet and cold. through most of it. >> as opposed to wet and warm. >> that is what we had here, right. but you know, whatever, didn't feel like the holidays. >> really didn't. >> no. but they need it out there. good to be back. good morning to you both. we're getting ready to wrap up 2015 and go into 16. we're still kind of struggling
8:22 am
in the tristate though it has been official for a little bit. not much has happened. this is decent drop in temps, 20 or 30 degrees cooler. we have 38 in islip. some 40s out there. our temps are not moving much today. they're doing this up and down thing. more cold is dropping down from canada. we have limited sunshine out there. we'll see kind of a mixed sky around the tristate ahead of what will be messy for us. this area of low pressure moving quickly through the mississippi valley area in toward the tri-state region. we are going to see something out of it, both rain and sleet and snow and freezing rain possibilities coming to part of the tristate. at 3:00 to 4:00 this morning precip some coulding into the town. most of us will see rainfall, a cold rain. where you see purple shades that
8:23 am
freezing rain or snow in the mix. points north of the city have better chance of getting wintry mix in the beginning. starts to change over to more rain as it pulls in warm air. in the end most who do get the frozen precip will not see more than an inch of accumulation. slushy spots on roadways come tomorrow morning, commute, will be a problem for you with sleet and freezing rain and coating possible of slush and ice for the morning commute. pretty much rain for everyone including long island coastal connecticut in the city and central and southern sections of new jersey it is rainfall but again a cold one too. here is what the day looks like. we'll increase clouds. get up to a high temp of 41 degrees. not much where we are now. 50 is the high tomorrow. wintry mix comes from the north tomorrow morning. changes over to rainfall. 51 and dry on wednesday. maybe a quick shower for the last day of 2015 on thursday. let's bring in christina stoffo
8:24 am
one more time, take a peek what is going on. looks like today and this week might be quiet. >> mike, this is real quiet. everyone is on vacation. we had a couple of incidents. they came and went and everything is looking good for you on the roadways. we had a stalled truck by the hempstead turnpike and it is cleared. thing looking very good for you there. if you're going to be traveling on staten island expressway for the most part not looking terrible. we have slow spots passing bradley. gaun has and b.q.e., most looking much better than it usually does. i will bring you to the garden state parkway, exit 144 exits both trek shuns everything running along. tappan zee bridge. rockland county, everything across the span is fine. through way across the tap is looking pretty good.
8:25 am
lie had a little bit of an issue on the ronald reagan conoco ma branch. but everything is looking good. >> thank you very much. denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is fighting back against allegations that he used banned substances while recovering from a very serious neck injury back in 2011. >> claim that he used performance-enhancing drugs surfaced on a report on the al jazeera tv network. fox 5's robert moses with the story. >> good morning to you. at the time peyton manning was attempting to come back from four neck surgeries. his career hung in the balance. manning says he did nothing like what this documentary suggests. he says he has never taken any shortcuts or for that matter, any banned substance. >> it is completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage. it is more adjectives i would like to be able to use. >> reporter: peyton manning a
8:26 am
reputation reacted with rage on espn to a al jazeera documentary that claimed he used human growth hormone. it is called the dark side, secrets of sports dopers. he was treated at anti-aging clinic called the geyer institute in indianapolis as he recovered a from a neck injury that threatened to indhis career but a report claiming that the clinic sent shipments of hgh to his wife ashley is simply untrue. >> it makes me sick. >> a have you ever used hgh or other performance-enhancing drugs. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> reporter: the information came from charlie sly, a man who worked at pharmacist at the geyer institute when manning went there in 2011. >> he made this claim. all the time we would be sending ashley manning drugs, growth hormone, everywhere, florida. never under peyton's name. always under her name.
8:27 am
and founder of the clinic both say that sly worked there as an unpaid intern in 2013. not in 2011 when manning sought the clinic's services. and once more in a video posted online, sly recanted his story of providing hgh to manning's wife. >> the statements on any recordings or communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely false an incorrect. to be clear, i am recanting any such statements and there is no truth to any statement of mine that al jazeera plans to air. under no circumstances should any of those statements, regards or communications be -- recordings or communications be aired. >> reporter: managing a old team and colts and broncos released statements supporting him. al jazeera stands by the report even though the main source the pharmacist you heard from has recanted. ben and kerry.
8:28 am
>> that is interesting. robert, thank you so much. >> the legendary clown prince as he was known of the harlem globe trotters has died. >> his name was meadowlark lemon. he did half court shots and behind the back passes. he played 16,000 fame. he retired in 1978 and became an ordained minister. in 2003 he was unducked into the basketball hall of fame. he died sunday in scottsdale, arizona. he was 83 years old. >> spirit of giving taking on whole new meaning in denver, colorado, taken on handing out thousands of free, prerolled marijuana joints to homeless citizens. >> it is cannabis can. this is the brainchild of this nick. he is dressed like santa claus. his mission is to spread christmas cheer and raise issues about home lessness. >> what about people that don't
8:29 am
>> merry christmas, happy cannabis. would you like rolling papers? >> the answer is yes, marijuana is legal in colorado and can be given as a gift as long as the person receiving it is over 21 years of age and no money is exchanged. >> commuters in connecticut taking the train will pay a little more starting january 1st. >> fairs an the new haven line and shoreline east will go up 1%. the increase is to help cover the cost of the new m 8-railcars. it applies for those that travel to and from connecticut. travel to new york will not be affected. how about ringing in the new year several hundred million dollars richer no i like that. you could, thanks to the current powerball jackpot. nobody matched the numbers on wednesday's drawing. christina stoffo is counting her ones. we're getting a list together here at "good day new york."
8:30 am
odds of being struck by lightning much better than winning lottery. the live to 80, odds getting hit by lightning bolt, one in 80,000. >> odds are better if less people play because they're away or maybe your odds increase. who knows. that is what i'm going with. i'm feeling lucky, ben. i'm having a good thought. >> i think it would be great if we won when greg is not here. we would share with him though i think, maybe. >> maybe give gift of some kind. >> he did get the secret santa all together. >> right. >> so there's that. former boxer turned celebrity trainer, danny musico here is help us work out and he has ropes and will show us how to get moving.
8:31 am
it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now
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>> live look at apple store on fifth avenue. if you need to get your phone or computer fixed i feel like today would be a good day. >> you don't think it will be busy? >> i don't think it will be busy. there are still crowds on
8:34 am
fifth avenue but there are -- >> dot stores on fifth avenue do sales? if you go into gucci is stuff a% off after christmas? >> i don't think so. they have clearance rack maybe 20% off possibly? >> clearance. >> i think the stuff goes to gucci outlet at, outlet stores. i don't think it actually gets discounted. >> something off $5,000? >> that is good question. go right past the $1200 bag, to back area, is there a sale rack? >> is it over there? >> a little embarrassing. >> duke is here. >> giants at minnesota last night without o'dell beckham, jr., serving one game suspension. it was all around bad night. second quarter, teddy bridgewater, kyle rudolph get together on 28-yard touchdown.
8:35 am
night for eli manning. in his career he historically played poorly against minnesota. one game in 2007, five turnovers odell beckham, jr., they missed him. eli didn't have anybody to throw to. late in the quarter, pick six. they win 49-17. tom coughlin after the loss. >> we had an opportunity to play for pride and to play to regain some respect and i think everybody was on the same page and, you know, tonight, i, just very difficult for me to explain it to be honest with you. >> yeah. yesterday metlife stadium jets-patriots. great win by the jets. crazy ending to the game. patriots win the coin toss in overtime and their decision to kick off still has peach
8:36 am
regardless the jets took full advantage. earlier in the third quarter, ryan fitzpatrick, brandon marshall connect, 33-yard touchdown pass. 13th touch down catch of the year. jets led by 7 in the fourth but couldn't put pats away. brady it hits a wide open touch down, sending game into overtime. setting up the strange decision. >> heads is the call. it is heads. you want to kick off? which way do you want to receive? >> so the patriots just marched down the field and scored, and knowing that a touchdown wins it, don't want tom brady to have the ball? i don't get that. their decision to kick would really cost them because fitzpatrick and eric decker get together, just like -- jets win it 26-20.
8:37 am
patriots never got the ball in overtime. todd bowls very proud. >> they have been fighting back for weeks. we've grown since the middle of the season. finding ways to pull the games out. >> they are. in baltimore the ravens hosting the steelers yesterday and baltimore, you know they have been banged up by injury. they haven't had a good year. got on the board first. 8--yard touchdown pass. tough day for ben roethlisberger, he was picked off twice. because the steelers lost and jets won, the jets control their own playoff destiny. the jets in buffalo next sunday. they win they are in. that simple. make looking to stop a three-game slide. boston had other intentions. he will feed jae crowder and oop. later in the quarter, evan
8:38 am
19 points off the bench. celtics hold off a late run by the knicks. for 91-90 win. new york has lost four straight. in hockey, islanders at home in brooklyn, facing toronto. former islander gets rebound out front that proves to the be the game winner. they beat the islanders 3-1 final score. a lot going on in the sports world. jets controlling their own playoff destiny. the giants hoping to finish season 7-9 with win over eagles. not a good year for the giants. jets, 10 wins, who would have thought. >> thanks so much. >> still to come this morning here on "good day new york" -- >> you would think "star wars" is one of the most pirated movies of the year but it is not. what movie was stolen the most this year?
8:39 am
>> live look at times square. >> three more days. three days left in 2015. hard to believe, right? >> we're in the last monday of 2015. >> yeah. >> if you want to enjoy times square, take a walk around there today. this might be the last day, maybe tomorrow you will be able to do it without a lot of people. everyone starts coming later this week. this time on thursday morning people will be camping out there getting spots for the ball drop. >> good view for a million people. >> we'll do entertainment. seems more popular movie more it
8:40 am
>> furious seven is the on top of the list. according to a pirating tracking firm it has been downloaded 44 million times. it is not the number one pirated movie. "interstellar" is. came out last year and spent more time circulated among pirates. avengers age of you will ton, "jurassic world." >> muppets drop a new video. the >> that is dr. pete and electric mayhem. there is animal back there on the drums. a little help from kermit, miss piggy and gang, doing cover of paul simon's kodachrome. it took a couple extra days to
8:41 am
was supposed to be released on christmas. good gig there. coming up on "good day new york" this morning -- >> grammy and atony award winner melba moore will be here to
8:42 am
>> time for four or facebook fan of the hour. it is lisa russo grossman. >> if you would like to be facebook fan of the hour, >> mike woods is here now with a look at forecast. mike, a lot of people will be heading to times square on thursday. we're wondering is it going to be dry? will we need to take umbrella and have to toss it because you can't take it to times square? >> you can't take it to times square. thank you very much. trying to get birthday thoughtouts. we have birthday shoutouts. knew year's looks pretty good for us. tonight into tomorrow, winter weather advisory goes into
8:43 am
effect in purple shaded areas. looking potential of minor snow and ice accumulation. it is just getting cool ahead of us. 39 at central park. about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. partly to mostly cloudy skies. here you get peeks of sun earlier in the day the as low pressure continues to pull northeast it will bring in moisture and pull on top of cold air already in place. that will bring us changes as we head into tonight and tomorrow. cloudy skies later on this evening into tonight. showers kick in. mostly rain but where you see purple shades, three to 4:00 in the morning that is wintry mix. rain. things of that short could make for tricky morning commute. could be a lot of accidents out there tomorrow morning. hope you get a chance to sleep through it. out of here by later this afternoon. another dry day on wednesday. ice accumulation for purple
8:44 am
including all five boroughs ands as well as long island. we make it up 41 for a high. wouldn'ttry mix in the beginning rain. we'll see another quick little shot at showers coming for you later thursday. let's bring in christina to see what is going on. man, oh, man, is it quiet? >> pretty quiet out there today, mike. we have one thing going on, this issue, minor one on the westbound side of the lie through the b.q.e. it is a stall. not causing too much trouble. expect to see some emergency activity as a result of that. get's go outside i will bring you to a live shot of the fdr by 79th street. that looks good. next shot is grand central parkway in the area of jewel. traffic is out there but it's moving that is good news. kinder did i not looking too bad. route 3, on bottom of the screen meadowlands parkway not looking too bad. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. back to you.
8:45 am
>> just about 9:00. here is what is coming up on "good day new york." >> starting to look a lot like new year's eve in times square. we'll show you all preparations underway. >> grammy and tony award-winning singer melba moore will perform a disco mash-up for us. we'll be right back on
8:46 am
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